Executive coaching

Do the daily demands of your leadership role drain your energy? Do you feel overwhelmed by stress?

We can help.

Our job is to assess your working environment and help you gain new perspectives and insights. In our “strategic coaching” programme, we help you determine personal guiding principles and key patterns of thought and action. These patterns help us find our bearings when faced with difficult decisions or leadership challenges, which makes awareness of these patterns a critical component of effective leadership. Some situations, however, drive us to our limits – we stand in the way of our own success, so to speak.

Our approach

We help you examine and evaluate habitual behavioural patterns and adjust them, if necessary.

The increased level of self-reflection initiates a long-term transformation that far exceeds the actual reason for the coaching session.

Are you confronted with one of the following situations in your managerial capacity?

  • Your usually successful way of working suddenly fails to deliver results
  • You cannot seem to make a true connection with your team
  • You are in charge of employees who used to be colleagues, now you need to redefine your role
  • You lose energy in recurring patterns of conflict
  • You do not receive open, genuine feedback
  • You feel increasingly exhausted, but are unsure how to approach the problem

What methods are used?

In the course of many years of practical coaching experience, we have established the following successful combination of our own leadership experience and sound methodology:

  • Analysis of leadership style
  • Management methods
  • Self-perception and how you are perceived by others
  • Self-management
  • Work-life balance
  • Inner team
  • Drivers and allowers
  • Detecting and managing stress
  • Everyday relaxation techniques

Practical method:

Following a free introductory session, both parties decide whether they wish to work together. Afterwards, we discuss the main steps together. The precise work flow of the programme will depend on your individual progress.
The coaching process normally consists of 6–8 sessions over a period of approximately 2–3 months.


In order to consolidate and strengthen the progress made, we offer sparring and shadowing (silent attendance of the coach in regular meetings for the sake of feedback).


Any questions? I look forward to hearing from you.