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is a consultancy firm specialised in executive coaching and organization development.

Our philosophy

Our approach

Our approach to management coaching is based on the model of cognitive- behavioural development. It makes use of a tried-and-tested combination of methods evolved from different schools of thought, developed over years. We focus on the perception and comprehension of personal convictions and views to develop leadership behaviour. For our work with companies, departments, and teams, we combine our own leadership experience with in-depth knowledge of organization development, psychology, and the dynamics behind individual and organizational change processes.

When the going gets tough, we are right there with you to help you support the implementation into your daily business. This is where success is made visible.

„The People Side of Business“

“The People Side of Business” arose from the conviction that professional success flourishes on a synthesis of management expertise and interpersonal skills. The same applies to authentic leadership behaviour – both of individual managers and entire companies. Reorganisation and cultural transformation efforts within a company are most successful when they actively involve their staff. Fears and resistance are important components of any process of change. It is not structures or departments that merge – it is their employees. People do not decide to quit a company – they leave their boss. You can only be perceived as an attractive employer if your employees truly experience and benefit from the company values that are being advertised.

the director

Dr Alexander Schuster, a native of Munich, is a medical doctor, coach, and organisational consultant with many years of international management experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Having held managerial positions in a variety of business sectors including research, marketing, and project management, interface topics have always been an important component of his work. Since the beginning of his career, he has been pursuing advanced training in leadership and organisation development.

During his many years working with executives and senior management teams in several industries, he developed the “People Side” as an additional focus for complex endeavours of change.

Today, Dr Schuster works as an executive coach. He advises companies on developments and changes of the company culture in the context of mergers, reorganisations, or strategic reorientation efforts.

  • Teaching

    University of Duisburg-Essen
    Leadership and Organisation Development

    European College of Pharmaceutical Medicine Basel
    Managing Organisational Change

  • Training courses

    Facilitation, Tools for Change, London

    Coaching Skills, American Society of Training & Development, ASTD, New York

    Facilitation of Organizational Change, ASTD, Denver

    Facilitating Large-scale Events, Frischer Wind, Winterthur

    Company culture and cultural transitions, W. Berner, Regensburg

    Professional Business Coaching, Coaching Academy, Munich

    Degree in Intercultural Business Communication, University of Jena

    Management Coaching, intercoaching Gmbh, Zürich

  • Clients


    • Alexion
    • EADS
    • ECG Energie Consulting Kehl
    • E.ON
    • Henkel
    • Merck
    • Novo Nordisk
    • Pfizer
    • Puma
    • Roche
    • Sanofi
    • uvex
    • Volkswagen/Audi
    • WWK

When the Boss Requests Team Coaching, But Needs Help Himself

The following typical real-life scenario demonstrates that the different levels of boss, team, and organisation are interdependent. A divisional manager asks for support for a team coaching. During the initial discussion, it becomes clear that the manager would benefit more from an individual coaching session to clarify her own leadership role. The team coaching process is relegated to step two, during which a new guiding principle is developed and new management tools are established. As a third step, a transformation from a culture of assistants into a culture of performance across the entire company is initiated.
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Alexander Schuster. When the Boss Requests Team Coaching, But Needs Help Himself: Multi-Level Coaching In: Coaching Case Studies – 13 Successful Business Coaching Case Studies. Publisher Serge K. D. Sulz and Sabine Burkhardt. CIP- Medien, Munich 2014. ISBN: 978-3-86294-020-2

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